First network meeting

The Condatis knowledge exchange project held its first networking meeting on 15th March 2016. The main focus of the meeting was to introduce the knowledge exchange project and to make sure the proposed plans were aligned with what will be most useful for users of Condatis and other habitat network models. The day started with short presentations from many network members about how habitat network models are being used or may be used in the future. The afternoon provided a forum to ask questions, and network with other users, as well as structured discussions to allow feedback about how the Condatis model and project are and can be most useful.

To read a full summary of the discussions and download the speakers’ slides, click here.

We will follow up on the suggestions and comments from the discussions by updating the website and modifying our plans for the project. Of course, we’re always happy to hear from network members with feedback on the project and how it can be most useful. We look forward to seeing many of you again, along with many new faces, at the next meeting.