Condatis network meeting 2020

Decision support for restoring ecological networks

The next Condatis network meeting will be held in Liverpool on 26th and 27th February 2020. We have been working on updates to Condatis, in line with feedback from our partners, and we are looking forward to launching Condatis version 1.1 and sharing those developments with you!

The meeting will be held across two days in Liverpool (venue TBC). The first day will be a series of talks from users, updates from us about Condatis and networking opportunities including dinner. The second day will include training and workshop-style discussions. We would like to invite you to give a talk about your work with Condatis or restoring ecological networks and abstracts can be submitted below. We also invite you to suggest a topic that you would like to discuss with the network. Members come from across the policy, charity, NGO, academic and private sectors and discussions at previous meetings have been lively and productive.

Click here for the programme.