Condatis is a decision support tool to identify the best locations for habitat creation and restoration.  The Condatis project is a long-term collaboration of academics, software developers and conservation practitioners, led by Dr Jenny Hodgson of the University of Liverpool.

More information on the way Condatis works, along with screenshots and a summary of the underlying theory can be found here


The Condatis software is written by David W. Wallis, Jenny A. Hodgson and the Computational Biology Facility team at the University of Liverpool. You can email us at You can request to be added to our mailing list to receive notifications about workshops, or new versions.

We would always love to hear about how Condatis has been useful to you, e.g. by email. Contact us.

Condatis was developed with the expert advice and guidance of a number of partner organisations. We are enormously grateful for their continued support for this project.




Chief Scientists Report




The Carbon Landscape




Living Landscapes


Climate Change Scotland


Climate Change

Preferred Citation

There is much confusion about the best way to cite software when you write up the results of your analyses. If you can remember to, please check back to this page to get the latest preferred citation at the time when you write up.

A minimal citation should include

  • Author: David W. Wallis and Jenny A. Hodgson
  • Title: Condatis; software to assist with the planning of habitat restoration
  • Version: [whatever you used]
  • URL:

Thanks to, our software also has a DOI which is10.5281/zenodo.13951 for version 0.6.0.

The current best way to cite the underlying scientific method is to cite Hodgson et al (2012) PLoS ONE 7(10): e47141 DOI link