Condatis 1.1 training exercise, 2020

Click here to download the following:

  • CondatisDataRequirements presentation
  • CondatisTrainingExercise presentation
  • Condatis_TraningWorksheet to guide you through the example analyses
  • A data file with all the training data

Click here to download some training files which may assist you in preparing your rasters for Condatis.

Video of webinar by Katherine Allen explaining Condatis in 2020

This is a 45 minute webinar organised by CIEEM. It starts with background and rationale for the software (up to 10:30), then gives a detailed explanation of how the modelling works (10:30-19:30), then discusses several case studies of practitioners using Condatis for different purposes (19:30-28:30). Finally, there is some advice for getting started with Condatis, explaining what you need for running an analysis.

Video of short introduction to Condatis by Jenny Hodgson, 2020

This is a 13 minute video, aimed at undergraduate students studying conservation biology, but also accessible to conservation practitioners. It explains how Condatis can be used for planning restoration and additional protection, using examples.

Below are links to external resources which may be of use for preparing Raster maps for use in Condatis.

Basic GIS Training courses

Esri Training – Getting Started with GIS. Free

Esri Training – Get Started with ARCMAP. Free

Geodata – Introductions to QGIS, ARCGIS, MAPINFO.

mltconsecol – QGIS Tutorial. Free – QGIS Tutorials and Tips. Free

GIS at Tufts – Tips Sheets and Tutorials for ARCGIS. Free

Creation of Raster Maps

Esri Training – Basics of Raster Data.

Acquiring Data for Raster Mapping – Real-World GIS. – GIS on the Web.
Esri provide training events delivered in a number of formats and covering a wide range of GIS related subjects, some of which are provided free of charge. To view the full range of training offered by Esri click here

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