Condatis version 1.0 launch event

Decision support for restoring ecological networks.

26-27 September 2018
University of Liverpool

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This event brought together conservation professionals from a diverse range of organisations to launch Condatis 1.0. This new version of Condatis is an online tool, to which users can upload their data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and receive results processed on the servers at University of Liverpool. This development makes the software accessible to a wide range of conservation practitioners who were previously unable to install or run it locally.

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Discussions were centred on how Condatis can be and has been applied to real landscapes and case studies and how the results can be presented to key decision makers. Training was provided in using the new tool and the Condatis team gathered feedback to guide the next phase of developing help documentation.

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A series of fantastic talks from members of the Condatis network showcased some of the ways Condatis is already being put to use in solving real-world conservation questions and some ways it might contribute in future. Lively discussions helped participants hone their questions and decide on some actions to take away. Slides from the talks are available here.

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