Condatis 1.0 is online!

We are pleased to announce that the brand new and shiny Condatis 1.0 is now available online and for free! This represents a significant step forward in the development of Condatis and should make the tool more accessible to users worldwide. We would like to thank NERC for funding this work and our partners old and new for their support and guidance.

Blog201812webappThe new version can be accessed at where you will need to register (at no cost). You will then be able to upload your data for analysis on the servers at the University of Liverpool and you will receive a link to your results when they are complete.

The advantages in particular are:

  • Increased power – because the processing now takes place on our servers, you are not limited by the computing facilities you have access to at your site.
  • Compatibility – as long as you have an internet connection, you can submit your data for analysis, regardless of your operating system.
  • Security – you no longer have to download the software to your desktop, so users with high security measures in place are no longer disadvantaged.
  • Enhanced prioritisation – the dropping routine now has various options to allow you to optimise your analyses.
  • Interpreted report of results – this HTML report gives you some basic guidance on interpreting your outputs and communicating them to others.
  • New help documentation – A basic framework is online already and more is planned for the next few months, please feedback on any gaps.
  • Ongoing development support – Condatis is now supported by the Computational Biology Facility at the University of Liverpool, ensuring ongoing support and bug-fixing.